Florida Foreclosure Defense

Florida Foreclosure Defense

Florida foreclosure defense turned into a popularized service after the housing bubble burst in the early 2000s. Florida was devastated by the housing market crash and thousands of homeowners turned to foreclosure defense companies and law firms to in an effort to save their homes from foreclosure. Many Florida homeowners suffered from underwater mortgages that eventually contributed to future foreclosure sales.

Florida foreclosure defense may have helped a large number of homeowners save their homes from foreclosure, but a number of other homeowners were not so fortunate. Some homeowners became the victims of foreclosure scams while others may not have found the foreclosure defense help they desperately required. The Florida court system eventually even became backlogged with such a high volume of foreclosure cases.

An April 2013 article released by Real Estate Economy Watch listed the average time to complete a Florida foreclosure at approximately 894 days which was one of the highest in the nation. Florida homeowners are encouraged to educate themselves about common Florida foreclosure defense in order to have the best opportunity at preventing foreclosure.

Florida Foreclosure Defense Help

Florida foreclosure defense help may be available in a variety of forms, since the best options for one homeowner may not be the best options for another. The total number of months a homeowner has defaulted on his or her mortgage, the homeowner’s current employment status and the current stage of the foreclosure process a homeowner is in are all factors that may affect the best option for avoiding foreclosure.

Florida foreclosure defense help options may include:

Reach out to your Florida mortgage lender

Reaching out to your mortgage lender about foreclosure defense options can be a smart first move in trying to avoid foreclosure. Florida homeowners may be able to qualify for a mortgage forbearance or loan modification by contacting their mortgage lenders.

Florida foreclosure defense attorneys

Foreclosure defense attorneys in Florida may give homeowners facing foreclosure an advantage when dealing with foreclosure proceedings. These attorneys can negotiate with mortgage lenders on behalf of homeowners and can advise homeowners on the best foreclosure defense option for their specific situation. These attorneys may not be feasible for homeowners with no disposable income however.

HUD-approved nonprofit housing counseling agencies

HUD-approve nonprofit housing counseling agencies can be a good place to start after trying to negotiate with mortgage lenders unsuccessfully. A number of HUD-approved housing counseling agencies in Florida are available that may advise distressed homeowners on their foreclosure situation. The consultations are commonly at no charge and may get homeowners pointed in the right direction.