Foreclosure Lawyer

Foreclosure Lawyer

A foreclosure lawyer can be a great resource when trying to explore foreclosure defense options. These attorneys typically have years of experience in dealing with mortgage lenders, home foreclosure, and the foreclosure process.

Homeowners in difficult financial situation should consider speaking to a foreclosure lawyer sooner rather than later since waiting until the last minute may severely limit available foreclosure defense options.

Foreclosure Lawyer Advantages

There can be many advantages to using a foreclosure lawyer when compared with dealing with a foreclosure on your own. These advantages may include:

  • An experienced foreclosure defense lawyer may review a homeowner’s situation and determine a best plan of action. This can vary from homeowner to homeowner depending upon their current financial situations, how far along they are in the foreclosure process and the homeowner’s goal for the home.
  • Foreclosure defense lawyers may negotiate with mortgage lenders on behalf of homeowners. This can be very helpful when mortgage lenders become uncooperative or unwilling to help find a foreclosure resolution. Some mortgage lenders may try and give homeowners a hard time, but foreclosure lawyers can be very successful in finding the right person to talk to in order to find the best possible alternative to foreclosure.
  • Foreclosure defense lawyers may gather any necessary financial documentation required in a loss mitigation application. These attorneys may also help by writing the hardship letter and following up with mortgage lenders on the status of the loss mitigation application.
  • Should the homeowner wish to take the foreclosure offensive, an attorney who practices primarily in foreclosure may represent homeowners in court. When pursuing foreclosure offense, foreclosure lawyers may also perform a forensic loan audit, look for violations of the Thruth in Lending Act (TILA), or seek to uncover instances of robosigning or fraud.